o'Galito | Centurion Mall

For a delightful escape to authentic Portuguese cuisine, we invite you to dine in the warm and welcoming atmosphere at O’Galito, a restaurant that brings the rich flavours of Portugal to Centurion. O’Galito’s story begins with a desire to recapture the bountiful seafood platters of Portugal's past with a menu that boasts a wide range of exceptional seafood meals, from prawns and langoustines to crab, lobster, and oysters. Every seafood dish is expertly prepared with a blend of herbs and spices highlighting the freshness of the catch. The epitome of Portuguese cuisine is best displayed in O’Galito’s signature offerings such as peri-peri chicken, grilled to perfection and marinated in a spicy, tangy sauce. For patrons with a more carnivorous palate, succulent steaks, and lamb chops bursting with flavour are cooked to order. O’Galito prides itself on delivering excellent service in a family-friendly environment that reflects its Portuguese heritage, with warm colours and traditional elements creating the perfect ambience. Attentive and friendly staff ensures every guest enjoys a unique and memorable culinary experience. O’Galito stands out for its authentic cuisine, excellent service, and charming atmosphere, making it one of our top choices for diners seeking a taste of Portugal in the heart of our mall.

  • Lower Floor - Shop 103
  • 012 663 2016
  • Mon: 8am - 10pm
    Tues: 8am - 9pm
    Wed: 8am - 10pm
    Thurs: 8am - 10pm
    Fri: 8am - 10pm
    Sat: 8am - 10pm
    Sun: 8am - 10pm